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Cylindrical Space Habitat

by Direct Y, AHK



Earth is the cradle of Mankind, but one cannot stay in the cradle forever.' Nodezero Electronics looks at the future. Another shot from AHK & Direct Y, 4 tracks of Electronica \ IDM \ Electro-bass. The EP starts with "Code Wars", Direct Y obsessed by hacking, talks about digital intrusion in a binary code conversation. This human\robot competition turns into a fat bass with hig-tech drums and strange synthetic elements. Next come "The Death of The Universe", where AHK wants to accellerate the process of "Heat Death of the Universe". Directly from the second law of thermodynamics, massive basslines and epic pads affected by the broken beats. The story continue with "Base System Device", completely inspired from "A Cyberpunk Manifesto", Direct Y starts a serious Electrobass project to remember the roots of an underground culture. , that's what the vocoder said. Last to come "Magnetic Monster", a strong magnetic field around the active galaxy NGC 1275 that hosts a supermassive black hole. Energetic activity of gas swirling near the black hole blows bubbles of material into the surrounding galaxy cluster. AHK decided to tell this story with an IDM\Electro track, beats slices sorrounded by the 'deep mind' synthesis technology.


released July 9, 2013

Produced by Direct Y & AHK | All tracks mastered by Valerio Maina info@nodezero.it nodezero.it soundcloud.com/nodezero-electronics


all rights reserved



Nodezero Electronics Rome, Italy

continue to experiment and mix styles, in a dynamic space, where the essential thing is the interaction with others.

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